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Swiss Mocean Atlantic Challenge & Charity

We thank Rotary eClub One and its board of directors on behalf of the organization “Swiss Mocean”, whose members have voted to approve US$4000 to us supporting this International Service Grant.


  • Swiss Mocean Atlantic Challenge

The Race - From La Gomera to Antigua. Start: Dec 14, 2017

Swiss team rows across the Atlantic for a charity project!

35 to 90 days on a small rowing boat in rough seas, over 1 million strokes, battling the elements and for abandoned children: Yves, Luca, Laurenz and Marlin accepted all these challenges and have been the first Swiss team ever to partake in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

The race is based on the historic crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by Sir Chay Blyth and John Ridgeway in 1966. It took them 92 days to complete their voyage. While rowing, they were battling storms, facing waves of up to 15 meters (?50 feet?), they spotted sharks and whales, and had to survive on near-starvation diets. It comes with no surprise that more people have been in outer space or climbed Mount Everest than have ever rowed across the Atlantic.

Inflammation, rashes and sleep deprivation make this crossing an unparalleled challenge - both physically and mentally. For these reasons, this challenge is considered one of the toughest races on earth. Between the start in San Sebastian on the Canary Islands and the finish in English Harbour on Antigua (?Caribbean Islands?), 2600 nautical miles of the second largest ocean on our planet have to be covered.

The Swiss team left the safe haven in December 14, 2017. They faced whatever mother nature was throwing at them, completely on their own, for up to 90 days. Taking turns on the oars, the team was rowing 24 hours a day, in shifts of two hours on, two hours off. This equated to 12 hours of rowing per person, per day, and ensured that the boat was relentlessly pushed towards the finish line in English Harbour.

The Swiss Mocean team finished the race on January 12, 2018 at position three.

Map of the different routes.

 Team Swiss Mocean: Yes, Luca, Laurenz, Marlin.

Please find below some impressions about this special challenge. The pictures are provided by Marlin Strub.

They made it! After 30 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes!


  • Swiss Mocean Charity: Pentru Copii Abandonati

Pentru copii abandonati (?PeCA?) leads and supports social projects for orphans and abandoned children in Romania. The effort consists of material support, professional organisation as well as supervision and guidance. All projects aid the fulfillment of the basic needs of the residents of the children’s home and the local residents in need. It also aids the schooling and professional training of the children and their integration into Romanian society.


The Swiss Mocean team rowed across the Atlantic to support the renovation of the two children’s homes «?Casa Livezii?» and «?Casa Prichindel?». These homes provide shelter for children aged 3 to 20 years living in small families. The children and teenagers are actively integrated in shaping their daily routines and have specific chores to ensure an orderly household. They attend public schools or kindergartens and are assisted in their interests and hobbies. The care team puts emphasis on meaningful leisure time and activities. The children’s home is part of the local society, ensuring that the orphans can stay in touch with the population.


All pictures below are provided by Marlin:

Marlin and Laurenz in “Casa Liviezii”, one of the homes for abandoned children in Romania.


Engelberg/Zürich, July 6, 2018

Peter Wild      Barbara Sulser

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