Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)

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Three Community Service Projects – Rotary eClub One

Each year, members of Rotary eClub One are invited to submit for funding of a community service project. These projects are special to individual Rotarians in our club. Following are three examples from this Rotary year.


Cross Cultural Book Box – Germany

Sponsoring member of Rotary eClub One: Irene Pill

The Crosscultural Book Box is for an international playschool in Singen, a town in South-Germany. In this kindergarten girls and boys from over 20 different nations get help to integrate and learn to speak and read their mother tongue, German and other languages.

Rotary eClub One and the Pill Mayer Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue donate the children in this playschool exciting and instructive books in English, German, Turkish and Russian languages. The kindergarten teachers are aware of that education and literacy is often connected to the financial background of the parents. With the help of well-proven books kids find out the way of living, the customs and religions of other cultures.

The Crosscultural Book Box help kids to learn how to interact with others in a respectful way to support understanding and peace. Proper books are sensitizing children in a useful way to perceive our cultural diverse world full of opportunities. With this easy access to books children find out how nice reading could be and how many exciting worlds one can meet in literature.

With the help of the Community Service Grant of Rotary eClub On, the Pill Mayer Foundation had packed a huge box full of marvelous books. Have a look at these photos with the children: Pictures say more than thousand words!


Rotary eClub One Community Service Grant Helps

Bring Professional Musicians to Local Schools


Sponsoring Member of Rotary eClub One: Robert W Steen


The Wallace-Rose Hill Friends of the Arts, a non-profit organization in Duplin County, North Carolina, sponsors outstanding visiting artist performances for all students in the local attendance area.

In spring of 2015, jazz musicians Peter and Will Anderson not only performed for several student groups and a gathering of Friends of the Arts supporters, they also spent time leading special jazz clinics for high school musicians.

Peter and Will are twins and are graduates of Julliard School of Music. Both excel in both saxophone and clarinet. They are from Washington DC and currently live in New York.

Family Guidance Center

Catawba County, North Carolina


Sponsoring Member of Rotary eClub One: Joe Spears

Family Guidance Center is a community agency, giving support to families and children in times of stress. Founded in 1958 as a counseling agency, it has evolved into a multi-service agency to meet the changing needs of families and our community. 

The center provides a range of specialized services for individuals and families experiencing the negative effects of anxiety, depression, divorce, stress, financial problems, domestic violence, child abuse, and other problems that threaten the stability of families. It meets the special needs of children and adolescents, nurturing their healthy emotional development. 

Serving people of all ages, from all walks of life, all socio-economic and educational levels, the Family Guidance Center is more than an agency, it's an anchor during difficult times, it's a lifeline for victims of domestic violence, and it's hope for a better future. 

Rotary eClub One member Joe Spears of Rotary eClub One sponsored a donation to support the work of the agency.  In addition, two organizations that Joe is a member of donated their personal help to support the agency in their efforts.  The building needed much work both inside and out.  The Catawba Valley Master Gardeners donated their labors to help clean up the landscaping which had been neglected for a long time.  The Knights of Columbus worked on the inside of the building refreshing the rooms with fresh paint.




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