Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)

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Rotary eClub One in Unique Position to Help Following Disasters

Because Rotary eClub One has members in so many parts of the world, the club is in a unique position to direct funds to those in need when disasters strike.

March, 2011:Funds were sent through a member in Japan to help with food and shelter following the devastating Tsunami.

June, 2011:Family members of a Rotary eClub One member volunteered on site in Joplin, Missouri. Later funds were sent to Logan Rotary Club to help two Rotarians and their families.


January, 2012:Using suggestions from a Rotary eClub One member in the Philippines, Rotary Club One worked with a Rotary Club there. Funds were used for house reconstruction, cleaning materials, a relocation center, relief goods, and a sanitation project for an elementary school.










December, 2012:Funds were added to the disaster fund of Newtown Rotary Club for general relief following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.



July 2012: Rotary eClubOne sent $2500 to the President of the Fort Collins Rotary Club to give $1,400 for helping a fire fighter who lost his home, $600 for a Nursing student who lost his apartment and $500 for another University Student, husband and 2 children.






May 2013: Rotary eClub One sends Northwest Waco Texas President Kim $2,500 to help one 73 year old elderly widow after losing her place when a blast at a Texas fertilizer plant killed at least 15 people and hurt more than 200.



November 2013: With the help of Past President of the Boulder Club, the rotary eClubOne is helping a resident of Boulder who lost everything and started her own support to flood victims as well.




February 2014: With the help of a local member, Rotary eClub One purchases three small fishing boats to typhoon-ravaged Tacloban in Leyte, Philippines where entire islands were totally destroyed by the Hurricane.


May 2014:  Early May of this year, Bosnia & Herzegovina regions have been hit with major floods and mudslides.  Major problems include the dislodging of thousand of mines from the last war, new threatening mudslides and continuous rain.  The Rotary eClub One purchased ten dehumidifiers to be distributed by the Rotaract club of Tuzla in Bosnia.  You can still help by going to


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