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Walkathon in Salernes

We certainly know in our Rotary eClub One that different countries mean different way of life. As a part time resident of a small village in France, I often attend the meeting of the local Rotary Club since they have the dinner after the meeting and program and don’t stay for the food.

Last month they decided to raise some money for the local center for people with developmental disabilities with a walk. Since I am a hiker and on the Board of Directors of a local group I volunteered to help them. I selected the 6km (4km) trail, told them I would lead the group as well. The cost to join the hike was set at 10€ ($7). At that point, I introduced them to idea of sponsorship, something they had never heard of. “You mean each hiker is to find people to sponsor them for each of the km they walk? Wow, this is brilliant!”. They know of the Telethon taking place every year to collect funds for research of various illness but never heard of a walkathon.

Of the 55 hikers, only 12 found (or dared to ask to be sponsored) people willing to support them in the ½ day trek. Every km or so, I would stop so that we would regroup and I would tell a story about the places we just passed.

The Rotary Club of Salernes was very grateful as they were able to raise three times the amount they had set as goal to benefit the center. On top of that I had great fun and can enter a few hours of service in my own community.


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