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Water and Education Projects in Ecuador Continue

Pam Gilbert, founder of Centro Educativo La Minga, Inc, and member of Rotary eClub One, submitted a summary of 2012 accomplishments in Malingua Pamba and adjacent communities in the Andes of Ecuador.

APRIL was a busy month, as Pam and three volunteers delivered and installed laptop computer for the computer lab, distributed first aid kits, gave first aid and birth control presentations via PowerPoint, and organized a community medical supply room.  The group also delivered educational games to the children and taught them how to play the games; they also taught lessons in math and English.

While researching in preparation for the June-July visit by Engineers Without Borders, Pam's group was approached by a neighboring group asking for help in designing a water system similar to that in Malingua Pamba. Pam was pleased with this development as the Malinguans can now share their knowledge and skills with others, "growing out from the center."

In JUNE AND JULY Engineers Without Borders (EWB) visited to complete the Potable Water System for the Malingua Pamba Watershed Area (serving 1,500 people) plus they conducted a post-trip survey of successess including evaluation of sustainability, and declared a "two thumbs up" for sustainability.  Additional information about this water system can be found on the EWB Denver website:

EWB also started the Potable Water System for the adjacent watershed area in the community of Guantugloma. Two tanks and the necessary PVC lines were installed. Financing for this project was provided by a Rotary District 5450 Grant ($5000) which involved DDF funds plus funds from two Rotary Clubs, Fort Collins (Colorado) After Work and Cody, Wyoming. The EWB Erosion Team returned in October.

Pam's efforts continue to support local teachers and to provide scholarships for students attending post-colegio education. Part of this funding has come from Rotary eClub One grants. Further information can be found at

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