Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)

Programs and Makeup Programs

Please use the articles below to complete your make-up meeting. Have questions about the Make-Up Program? Learn about the Make-Up Program in the About Make-Ups section.

Rotary’s Donations in Kind – Australian Style
Aquabox: Our Aid Will Get Through - Providing Clean Water
Living in the Plastic Age
A Thirst for Good
Arizona Rotary Club Helps Provide Water to Navajo Nation
Transforming Water Projects for Continued Effectiveness
Rotary Provides Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
Eco-Toilets Rwanda: A Rotary Project
Rotary Action Group Completes Project in Mexico
Make an Impact on Clean Water and Sanitation
Clean water renews hope in Eastern Uganda
Peace through Water Education
A Return to Health
Everything Begins with Education: International Water Symposium
Michael Pritchard: How to Make Filthy Water Drinkable (TED talk)
The Children Stopped Dying…after Rotary Came
USAID, Rotary sign MOU to improve water, sanitation & hygiene
Doing Good: Providing Clean Water
Creation of Water Service in Tamil Nadu, India
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