Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)
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Programs and Makeup Programs

Please use the articles below to complete your make-up meeting. Have questions about the Make-Up Program? Learn about the Make-Up Program in the About Make-Ups section.

Three Community Service Projects – Rotary eClub One
Let’s talk Brain Health with Dr. Joyce Shaffer
Six Tips for Aging Gracefully
50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary (by Steve Garret, District Governor 1994-1995)
Good Manners Still in Style
Walkathon in Salernes
Eyes on the road - Dangers of Distracted Driving
Everything begins with a Pencil . . . . (PART II)
Everything begins with a Pencil . . . . (PART I)
The Optimistic Futurist: Supermarkets encourage local food production
The Optimistic Futurist: What if I handed you a rose?
Rotarians in Our Twenties and Thirties
The Optimistic Futurist: Thanking our Veterans takes more than parades and prayer
Shadows From Can Tho
Incubators Supporting Local Entrepreneurs Improves Local Communities
EAT.......Something for everyone and everything for someone
The Optimistic Futurist: Energizing local economies through Creative De-construction
The Optimistic Futurist: Faith and Energy Policy
A Unique International Experience for High School Students
To Surrogate or Not To Surrogate
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