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Please use the articles below to complete your make-up meeting. Have questions about the Make-Up Program? Learn about the Make-Up Program in the About Make-Ups section.

Rotary’s Donations in Kind – Australian Style
Living in the Plastic Age
A Thirst for Good
Arizona Rotary Club Helps Provide Water to Navajo Nation
Transforming Water Projects for Continued Effectiveness
Rotary Action Group Completes Project in Mexico
Clean water renews hope in Eastern Uganda
A Return to Health
Everything Begins with Education: International Water Symposium
The Children Stopped Dying…after Rotary Came
USAID, Rotary sign MOU to improve water, sanitation & hygiene
Creation of Water Service in Tamil Nadu, India
Got Osimbo Water Project (2)
Got Osimbo Water Project (1)
A lesson in the power of clean water
Clear Rounds for Clean Water
Lessons learned from the International H2O Collaboration
International World Water Day
Atlanta Car Washes Provide Clean Drinking Water to Millions In Need
Guatemala: Rivers to Rain Project
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