Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)

Programs and Makeup Programs

Please use the articles below to complete your make-up meeting. Have questions about the Make-Up Program? Learn about the Make-Up Program in the About Make-Ups section.

Change Is a Lonely Hunter: The New Paradigms of Leadership
Concerned about gender inequality? Let's tell a story!
Water supply to Mullippadi
ESRAG & World Environment Day
Baby Miracle
AMAZING - "India" Wow! I did not realize this!
Rotary International’s Code of Conduct for Rotarians: Personal Action to Improve Our World
Bill Tobin shares the ShelterBox story
RCNY International breakfast with Steven Lauwerier - Director Polio Eradication/UNICEF
$1.4 million boost for Rotary Give Every Child a Future
What does it mean to be a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon?
Origins of Rotary e Club One
Source Rotary Down Under 10/11/2021
A Day in the life of a Mental Health Nurse
Partnerships Empowering Girls
Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: A TED Talk by Luvvie Ajayi Jones
Vocational Training for Widows on Tailoring | 2021
Food Aid Project in Nigeria | 2021
Rotary and Electronic Communications: A Timeline
What Do We Have in Common with Guinea Pigs?
How Every Child Can Thrive by Five: A TED Talk by Molly Wright
On Being Wrong
Membership, Being Flexible
Fighting Hunger and Addressing Food Insecurity in Tonga
Ransomware and data breaches - How secure are your passwords?
Intercultural Book Boxes
100 of 100
A Guide to Thinking
Myanmar Refugees Charter New Club in Indiana
Rotary’s Donations in Kind – Australian Style
Why We Do What We Do
A Guide to Thinking a three-part series
Becoming a Champion for Syrian Youth
Three Ways to Make Your Club More Inclusive
Service to Change Lives is Rotary Theme for 2021-2022
Rotary eClub One Sponsors Project in Mexico
A Guide to Thinking
Holding a Rotary Speech Contest Online
Rotary eClub One Project: Nutritional Food Supplements to Malnourished Children
Dreams and Goals – Part 2
Rotary eClub One Funds Water Project in Southwestern Nigeria
Rite of Spring
Come Say G'Day at the Rotary Peace Walk
Aquabox: Our Aid Will Get Through - Providing Clean Water
Living in the Plastic Age
COVID-19 Is No Barrier for Disaster Aid Australia
Dreams and Goals
Purple 4 Polio
Polio Basics
Rotarians Urged to Help Their Communities with Mass Covid Vaccinations
Club innovation: Hybrid club offers online options
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 10
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 9
Diwali Provides Opportunity to Help London Rotary
ShelterBox Stretched Thin to Respond As Disasters Strike Worldwide
A Visit to Taiwan
The Healing Power of Gratitude
5 Hindrances to Self Mastery
UK Rotary Club’s Pig Race Goes Global
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 8
The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others
Yuja Wang plays Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No 2
Rotary clubs finding new ways to support access to education
Cycles of Time
Rotary Club Partners with Rotary Foundation and Local College for Scholarship Program
Rotary eClub One Participates in Global Grant Project in India
Rotary Foundation Global Grant to Fund Medical Equipment on Hospital Ship
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 7
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 6
Rotary Award Winner Supports Issues Affecting Young People in UK
African Region Is Declared Wild Poliovirus-free
Power in Our Connections
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 5
Why The Four-Way Test Is My Ethical Guide
2020 Theme: Rotary Opens Opportunities
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 4
Peace Inside Out
Strategic Planning for Rotary Clubs
Rotaract Rising
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 3
Rotary Club Partners with RotaKids Program
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part 2
Guatemala Literacy Project
Ten Keys to Happier Living - Part I
3D Printable Prostheses Help Child Amputees
A New Plan for Clean Water in Haiti
Rotarians join together for truth, fairness, goodwill and friendship for the benefit of all.
Rotary Peace Center Opens at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda
In Southern Ontario, Ambitious Plans Take Root
Paul Harris on the Need for Rotary
Australian Rotarians Respond to Brushfires
Honolulu, Hawaii Rotary International Convention 2020
Toastmasters and Rotary Collaborate
Benefits of Enthusiasm and Passion
2020-2021 Theme Announced: Rotary Opens Opportunities
Turbocharging Enthusiasm
The Price of Polio
A Thirst for Good
Arizona Rotary Club Helps Provide Water to Navajo Nation
Rotary eClub One Member Samira Rajabi Delivers Inspiring Words
Teaching the Teachers
The Real Secret to Success is Enthusiasm
New Rotary Club Meets in Unique Location
Historic Words from Paul Harris
Volunteer Expo in UK
Fifth in Series: Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus
Fourth in Series: Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus—Supporting Mothers and Babies
Shekhar Mehta of India Selected to be 2021-22 Rotary International President
Young Leader Doing Good in Kenya
Rotorua (New Zealand) Walking Festival
Providing Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
The Tony Bennett Effect
Rotary’s Fishing Fellowship
Value of Rotary Volunteering
Swimming Safety and Josh, The Baby Otter
It’s You, You, You!
Rotary eClub One Co-Sponsors Rotaract Training Weekend
Holger Knaack
Your Brain’s Executive Function
Fighting Disease
Promoting Peace
Transforming Water Projects for Continued Effectiveness
How Failure Cultivates Resilience
Restoring the Paul and Jean Harris Home
How to Turn Around a Negative Attitude
Avoiding Negative Thinking
Creating Opportunities for Women in Nepal
Rotary Provides Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
Pennsylvania Rotary Club Passes $1 Million in Donations
Negative Thinking
World Polio Day
Pedal Power
Eco-Toilets Rwanda: A Rotary Project
Rotary Convention Hamburg, 2019
Swiss Mocean Atlantic Challenge & Charity
RYLA Report
A Miracle for Miracle
Rotary Clubs Blanket Brazil with Polio and Measles Vaccinations
Stove Team International Helping families; helping the environment
Healing the Children: Visiting Peru with the Rocky Mountain Chapter
Get Your Motor Runnin’
From “over there” to “over here” – access to toilets changes lives
Rotary Honors Six Who Are Changing the World
5 Ways to Reconnect with Alumni in 2019
Unique Partnership Provides Wheels for Africa
Rotary Club Tries Unique Approach to Recruit New Members
Rotary Has Gone to the Horses!
Robotics and Basketball Integrated Program
STEM & Robotics Workshop for Students in Nigeria
Rotary and Shelterbox Respond to Tsunami
Humorous Video: What is Rotary?
Climb Every Mountain
Doing Good is Good Business
Rotary wins Best Nonprofit Act for its polio eradication work
Rotary Connects with Younger Professionals
Be the Inspiration
Rotary Action Group Completes Project in Mexico
eClub One Member's Project Continues in Ecuador
Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning Part 4
An Interview with Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary
The Green Shoots of Recovery
Rotary eClub One Members Gather in Toronto for 2018 Annual Dinner
Navajo Lights
Rotary at a Glance
Rotary eClub One Members Gather in Toronto for 2018 Dinner
The Green Shoots of Recovery
Rotary at a Glance
Navajo Lights | A Rotary project helps a Navajo silversmith.
Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning Part 3
What is Rotary
This Close to Ending Polio
Pledge to Plant
Health workers use mobile phones help transfer information
Rotaract showed Paul Dhillon the world. Now, Rotary always goes with him
Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning Part 2
Floating Wheelchair Brings Smiles to Many
Make an Impact on Clean Water and Sanitation
Stove Team International’s Founder Is Interviewed by Forbes Magazine
Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning Part I
Young People in Jalisco, Mexico, Receive Scholarship Funds
Driven to Serve
Clean water renews hope in Eastern Uganda
Miles to End Polio
Compelled to Act
Grow Food 12 Months a Year
Toronto Convention 2018
Peace through Water Education
United Kingdom Rotary Club Supports Memory Café for Aging Population
How Hollywood is Tackling the Issue of Polio
A Return to Health
Renee Moe and Anna Burish: Leading Our Community Forward - How Do We All Row Together
Standing Tall in the Fight Against Polio
Sara Menker: A Global food crisis may be less than a decade away
The future is looking bright for a former street orphan
Seeking Shelter
Nurses for Brain Health: Being Outliers as Role Models
Nancy Young: Reflections on the Power of Resilience
Beth Murphy - What Tomorrow Brings
Timor Leste Embraces RYLA Alumni
The Power of a Garden
Challenge Accepted
Using Drones to Deliver Blood and Save Lives - TED talk
Celebrating 100 Years of Rotary in Wales
Report from Malingua Pamba
With a Little Help from Our Friends
Teaching with the World Peace Game (John Hunter at TED2011)
History of Simsbury-Granby Rotary Club Group Home Banquet
TRF and RAWCS: Working Together to Achieve Results
Who We Are as Rotarians Worldwide
Teaching in Timor
Getting to Grips with Literacy in Guatemala
Brain Health by YOU...and by Music!
Donkeys for Tanzanian Community
Everything Begins with Education: International Water Symposium
Put the "Pre" in Appreciation
Literacy Bonds Us: Rotary and the Mandela Foundation
Envision a Future Full of Healthy Food
Michael Pritchard: How to Make Filthy Water Drinkable (TED talk)
From Hoddesdon to the Himalayas
Jeremy Gilley: One Day of Peace (TED talk)
Prof. Bassam Shakhashiri Brings His Science Lab to Rotary
Using the Four Way Test to Help Others
ShelterBox International
Brain Health: Being Outliers as Role Models
Martin Bell - Back on the Frontline
Rotary Clubs Go Wild for Wildlife Conservation
Cared for with Love
Afghanistan - Razia's Ray of Hope
Rotary and Americorps Work with Small Farmers in US
Rotary Club Brings Awareness to Human Trafficking
"Every 15 Minutes"
Why Education Changes the World
Rotary Invests a Half Million Dollars in Clean Drinking Water in Mexico
Jim Voegeli: "Beautiful and Lovely," The Life and Music of Don Voegeli
Through a Patient's Eyes: the Guerrero Surgery and Education Center
International Project Has Ripple Effect
Tour of Rotary International World Headquarters
Liberty for All
If you build it, they will come
The Bard Makes the Whole World a Stage
Making a Difference
The Importance of Singing
Rotary eClub One Honors Executive Director of Open Hand Atlanta
Let’s talk Brain Health with Dr. Joyce Shaffer . . . Outliers as Role Models?
Getting Engaged
Feeling The Love -- from both sides of the Atlantic
Serving with Rotary brings joy to my life
To Walk with Pride
Driven to Serve
Young People in Jalisco, Mexico, Receive Scholarship Funds
I Dream of an Empty Ward
The Children Stopped Dying…after Rotary Came
Let’s talk Brain Health with Dr. Joyce Shaffer ....2
Rotary Foundation is Dedicated to Improving Lives
Youth Exchange experience: 1962
More Than Just A Boat Ride
Rotary eClub One Member Presents Updates on Ecuador Project
Three Community Service Projects – Rotary eClub One
International Project Has Ripple Effect
Let’s talk Brain Health with Dr. Joyce Shaffer
Six Tips for Aging Gracefully
USAID, Rotary sign MOU to improve water, sanitation & hygiene
Rotary Theme: Rotary Serving Humanity
John F Germ: "Serving Humanity and Changing Lives"
Doing Good: Providing Clean Water
Hoddesdon to Himalaya
Rotary Foundation named World's Outstanding Foundation for 2016
Meet RI President-nominee Sam Owori
All Kids Deserve A Full Tummy
What is Sustainable Development and Why Does it Matter?
Disaster Relief Report - Electrical fire DKSHA
Charity Vegetable Garden at Bronte, Sydney, Australia
Meet President John Germ
Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment - RYPEN
Helping young adults in their trainings
Developmentally disabled adults college bound
Remove the distinction between traditional and e-clubs.
What in the World is Rotary?
Water supply to Mullippadi
Rotary Clubs in China
Creation of Water Service in Tamil Nadu, India
Scholarship programs for Club Rotario Puerto Vallarta Sur
RYLA in Tamil Language to the Interact Club Members
Charity Vegetable Garden in Sydney, Australia
Gamba Primary School Organic Garden (MALAWI, AFRICA)
Cooperation between villages in rural France
Polio PLUS is 30 years old
The History of Rotary
Paul Harris Speech after 28 years of Rotary
Rotary eClub One Service 2014 - 2015
Creation of the Four Way Test
Sleeping Kit Distribution Project
In Memoriam - Gary Fletcher
Solar Shower for YouthforHope
RYLA Plus 2015 at Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village
50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary (by Steve Garret, District Governor 1994-1995)
Beth Murphy - What Tomorrow Brings
The Boys of 1905 - a history of Rotary International
Bill Gates Congratulates Rotary on Its Polio-Eradication Effort
Good bye Polio in Africa
End polio message goes to sports fans around the world
Report from Bangladesh
Rotary eClub One small Community Grants
Sponsoring a New e-Club
Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty
Do you wish I could see better?
Who is, or was, a Rotary Ann?
Good Manners Still in Style
Double the Music!
Rotary - Make a World of Difference
Do-It-Yourself libraries
Rotary Young Professional Debrief
Let's talk crap. Seriously!
POLIO: Almost isn't good enough
Club Service Corner with Ed Davis
How Rotary can keep and recruit members
Community Service Grants – putting your donations to work in local communities
Got Osimbo Water Project (2)
Got Osimbo Water Project (1)
Walkathon in Salernes
Walnut Creek Career Connections Day
Polio Plus explained with stamps
Young RYLA
Eyes on the road - Dangers of Distracted Driving
The Rotarian Magazine
Rotary on the Horizon: Rotary eClub One Community Service Grant Series
Cross-cultural Book Box for Migrant Children
South Campus Ambassadors Interact Club
Harambee: All together for Africa
In Alice Springs: A Boat Race without Water
The Philippine Polio-Plus Project
Rotary member sacrifices record deal for disaster relief
You are never too young to change the world
Protecting our planet through Rotary
Visit with French e-Club
Rotary on Stamps
Guatemala Literacy Project - Part II
Everything begins with a Pencil . . . . (PART II)
Everything begins with a Pencil . . . . (PART I)
Why Rotary?
Saving the Public Library
Light Up Rotary
The Optimistic Futurist: Supermarkets encourage local food production
The Optimistic Futurist: What if I handed you a rose?
Rotary Fellowships - Part III
Rotarians in Our Twenties and Thirties
The Optimistic Futurist: Thanking our Veterans takes more than parades and prayer
A lesson in the power of clean water
2013 - 2014 Rotary eClubOne International Projects
Rotary's Stairway to Club Leadership
Guatemala Literacy Project - Part I
Shadows From Can Tho
Results or Regrets: Break Through Indecision and Procrastination Barriers
Incubators Supporting Local Entrepreneurs Improves Local Communities
EAT.......Something for everyone and everything for someone
Young professionals bring their vision of Rotary to the table
A Tour of My Rotary
The new
Rotary Fellowships - Part II
The Optimistic Futurist: Energizing local economies through Creative De-construction
The Joy of Service : Rotary Club of Madison celebrates centennial anniversary
The Optimistic Futurist: Faith and Energy Policy
A Unique International Experience for High School Students
RI President Burton's Membership Message
Rotary Fellowships Part I
To Surrogate or Not To Surrogate
A Small Texas Town Makes a Big Difference
Rotary eClub One awards scholarship to high school students
Rotary eClub One in Unique Position to Help Following Disasters
Two Rotary eClub One Members Talk about Water Projects
Clear Rounds for Clean Water
Young Professionals Campaign Helps Clubs Reach a Wider Audience
Waste Not - Make Electricity Instead
New Zealand Rotary Club's Fundraiser Reached Around the Globe
Rotary eClub One Member is Honored in Texas
Rotarian from England wins the 2012-13 Rotary Friendship Exchange video contest
Stop Procrastinating
Rotarians Learn Microcredit Strategies at Canadian Conferences
Physicians Demonstrate the Hands-Only CPR Method
Rotary in Britain and Ireland Sponsors Contest for Young Photographers
Report from 2013 Council on Legislation
Concrete Canvas Shelter Goes Up in Minutes
Everything Old Is New Again
Colorado Rotary Club Continues Unique Partnership with Clubs in India and Switzerland
Lisbon Rotary International Convention, June 2013
All About Rotary Grants
Rotaractor Tells of Work in Timor
Seeds of Change
Seattle Rotary Club Encourages New Members
Lessons learned from the International H2O Collaboration
Rotary eClub One Supports Projects Worldwide
Practicing Peace
Disaster Aid Australia Responds to Victims of Typhoon Pablo
One Rotary Club's GSE Story
Building Better Business Relationships
Prince Charles Honors Two Rotarians
Colorado Rotarian Shares Hope and Dignity with Many
World Disability Day, Kibera, Kenya
Incoming RI President Ron Burton Announces 2013-2014 RI Theme
Rotary eClub One Members' Projects
Ziggy Marley Records Special Music for Rotary's End Polio Now
International World Water Day
Rotary Dignitaries Gather for the SELANGOR ZONE INSTITUTE
Malaysia: From Tin Mine to Resort
Outreach Centers Keep Honduran Youth Off the Street
Rotary Scholar from Nigeria Studies in the Netherlands
The Value of Keeping Good Records
Rotary Action Group Expands Maternal Health Project in Nigeria
Remba Island Project
Rotary Helping Children Read - OCOF
Our Children Are Our Future - Rotary You're Hired
Ron Denham Reaffirms Rotary International's To International Water Concerns
Meet Rotary Peace Fellows
Interact Video Produced By Interact Club of District 3230, India
Houston Skyline Rotary Club
U.K. District's Overseas Project Team Helps in Kosovo
Yellow Boat Road Story
Plan Now to Attend the Rotary International 2012 Convention in Bangkok
One Central California RotaryClub Brightens the Day for Seniors
One Interact Club Makes a Big Difference
After Katrina - One Rotarian's Journey
First Harvest, a Rotary Club-Sponsored Project
Rotary Foundation Trustee Stephen Brown
Rotary International Video of Illuminated Landmarks
Rotarians In Britain And Ireland Have Fun While Raising Funds
Is The Single Best Thing We Can Do For Our Health?
Saturday, February 25th: Rotary Global Swimarathon
Trans-Afrika Gathers and Ships Supplies to Africa
Atlanta Car Washes Provide Clean Drinking Water to Millions In Need
Guatemala: Rivers to Rain Project
Bio Sand Filters Help Water Supply in Peru
Water and Education Projects in Ecuador Continue
Books for the Children of Ite Peru
Rotary eClub One Continues Support of International Conservation Exchange Program
Rotary eClub One Community Service Grants
Rotary eClub One Community Service Grants
A Rotary Project: from Idea to Reality
Children Without: Mexico
Fighting Dengue Fever in Guatemala
Egyptian Club Discovers The Power Of Microlending
Australian Rotaractors Bring Hope to Children in Thailand
Global Grant Project Impressive in Combating Dengue Fever
The Cold Chain
Burton is Choice for 2013-14 RI President
Interactive Storytelling Technique
Interactor Has Date With Royalty
Global Partner
Rotary eClub One September Newsletter
Rotary eClub One August Newsletter
Rotary Water and Sanitation Project in Malawi A Report on the Success
Group Hopes to Raise US$3 Million to Restore Rotary Founder's Home for Visitors
Follow the Yellow Boat Road, a Unique Fundraiser
Rotary's Pilot clubs: Learning By Experiment
Rotarians Join in Support of SightSavers
Historic Moments: Why the Rotary Year Begins 1 July
Post Earthquake Visit to Japan
Rotary Takes KidsOut
New Generations: Ideas For Reaching Out
Journo's Dream is a Reality
Time to Ramp Up the Fight Against Polio
Rotary General Secretary General Ed Futa Bids Farewell
Rotary Partners With World's Largest Postgraduate Water Education Institution
Yellow Boat Completes Journey Around Australia
Rotary Club in British Columbia Sponsors Unique Fundraiser for End Polio Now
Rotary Clubs Wear Spots and Raise Lots
One Degree Closer to a Peaceful Future
Rotary History: Rotary's Work with Youth
I Think I Finally Get It!
The Shoebox Scheme
Rotary in India
Polio Survivor Inspires Support For Ending The Disease
Rotary Global Swimarathon Makes A Splash Worldwide
Social Networking Rotarians Celebrate
Tanaka Elected RI President For 2012-13
Pamela's Story in Ecuador
Hellos, Hugs, and Handshakes
Rotarians in Australia Turn Out for Graffiti Removal Day
Rotary History - The First Four Rotarians
Tomorrow's Generations Given Opportunity Today
A True Rotarian
How to G.R.O.W.! as a Leader
The Evolving Nature of Positive Thinking
Why Real is Better Than Fake
Tools for Success
Importance of Emotional Intelligence
Achieving Your Wishes : Will Wishing Work?
Leadership: 5 Simple Steps to an Engaged Team
Caring for a Loved One, Caring for Yourself
How to Ask for What You Want
It's not Easy Dinner Conversation! Making Life Decisions.
7 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Public Speaking
A Lesson in Recycling
Golf Fellowship to Tee Off at Championship Course
The Truth, the Whole Truth And Nothing But the Truth? Really?
Time Banking An Innovative Volunteer Concept
What To Do When You Have a Dud
Sam Sits in on a Success Seminar
Good Health in the New Year
Smile... and the World Smiles with You
Aquaculture Can Cure Economic Ills
Harnessing the sun's power to cook
Water Conservation